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70 Songs that Didn’t Make the Hot 100 – Part 2

Today we feature several gods in rock and pop music who didn’t chart. It shows you that even the great can fail, given the right circumstances. “Girls on Film” – Duran Duran (1981). This song even had

100 Songs That Didn’t Make the Top 40 – Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts that show what a crock of bull Billboard’s Top 40 can be. Granted, since my self-imposed exile from the Hot 100 in the 2000s, I can’t really comment

Album Review: The Both

Aimee Mann has been caught in a bit of a rut. Her first three albums dazzled critics, with her debut album, Whatever, topping my all-time favorite album list. But without her collaborator, the amazingly talented Jon Brion, her songs