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29 Apr 2011

‘Mr. Harris,’ Aimee Mann

I Song I Know All the Words to This blog concentrates on music and melody, so rarely do I pontificate on the words to music. Learning words to a song comes second to trying to decipher the
1 Jul 2008

Album Review – @#%! Smilers, Aimee Mann

For years, Aimee Mann has tried to shed her image as the girl with the New-Wave haircut who sang the 1980s smash “Voices Carry.” Since 1993’s solo debut Whatever, the former lead singer for ’til tuesday has
8 Apr 2008

Desert Island Discs: Whatever – Aimee Mann

Poor Aimee Mann. She’s best known for being the lead singer of the one-hit wonder ’til tuesday. The group’s 1985 single, “Voices Carry,”was a haunting new-wave classic that is still being played on all 80s radio stations.