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19 May 2016

‘Pet Sounds’: 50 Years Later

It’s been 50 years since Brian Wilson unleashed Pet Sounds on the public. And it’s still causing waves today as to its merits. Just recently “comic” (and I use the term loosely) Jay Mohr tweeted, “Let’s all
30 Jun 2015

Movie Review: Love & Mercy

Brian Wilson is the forgotten genius of the 1960s. His group, the Beach Boys, was constantly being compared to the Beatles, and some say that Sergeant Pepper drove him to madness as he tried to up the ante
9 Dec 2012

That’s Why God Made the Radio, The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys 50-year history has been truly epic. It’s filled with fame, drugs, emotional breakdowns, death, and flashes of brilliance offset by the cancer that is Mike Love. Their creative peak, 1966’s Pet Sounds, rivaled the