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11 Mar 2016

Sir George Martin: 1926-2016

Sir George Martin wasn’t the fifth Beatle; in a way, he was the Beatles. Sure, John, Paul and George wrote most of the songs, and all four of the members sang and played most of the instruments, but Martin
24 Sep 2015

The Second Fantasy Beatles Album: Abracadabra

Abracadabra, my title for the 1974 Beatles album in The Death and Life of Mal Evans, was an early working title for the Beatles 1966 album Revolver until the group discovered that another group had recently used it. Finding
18 Sep 2015

The First Fantasy Beatles Album: A Doll’s House

The albums in The Death and Life of Mal Evans are my fantasy albums. A lot of care and thought went into getting the right songs on these albums, ones that would sound the most like the