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5 Dec 2011

An Interview with Jason Brewer of The Explorers Club

Jason Brewer is a man in love with pop music’s roots. You can sometimes find him at turntable.fm, spinning rare pop and R&B records for all who stop by. His Spotify playlists are filled with songs by
16 Jan 2009

There is Hope: The Explorers Club

Tasty World in Athens, Ga., is not so much a bar as it is a two-story dichotomy. The first floor is a veritable meat market, with UGA freshmen girls dancing, socializing and showing lots of bare shoulders.
1 Jan 2009

The Best Albums of 2008

Well, Hooks and Harmony has made it to the end of 2008. I started with a ¬†bang ¬†– I couldn’t stop writing. But it was like running a sprint at the beginning of a marathon, and I