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Grammy Shmammy 2015

Last night’s Grammy awards show bored many viewers. Maybe it’s because there was very little controversy (Hi, Kanye! You’re back!) and few bizarre performances. It was just a straight-up pop music show, interspersed with Sam Smith and

Grammy Gives the Beatles a Proper Tribute

Fifty years ago on the stage of “The Ed Sullivan Show,” music history changed forever. Granted, by February 9, 1964, the Beatles were already superstars in their native country, and had two singles in the Billboard Top

Grammy Shmammy 2014: 8 Forgettable Moments

As I watched the 2014 Grammy Awards telecast unfold Monday evening, I finally realized that I’m getting old. I scoffed at the trickery that acts employed to wow audiences, screaming for substance over style (Fire! Pole dancing!