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5 May 2011

‘The King Is Half Undressed,’ Jellyfish

Favorite Song by my Favorite Band If life were fair and people bought records because the songs were good, Jellyfish would have been the next Beatles. Instead, after two near-perfect albums, infighting broke out among the members,
27 Oct 2009

Jellyfish’s Amazing Harmonies

My namesake over at Peter’s Power Pop recently posted some videos highlighting Jellyfish’s unbelievable ability to harmonize in a live setting. For those who don’t appreciate harmony, it’s one thing to be able to create beautiful harmonies
21 Jul 2008

Jellyfish: The Beatles of Power Pop, Pt. 3

I wrote the following article for Youthquake magazine in 2004, but it still retains its sugary-sweet goodness. And In The End… For fans, the end came suddenly. The San Francisco Chronicle reported in February 1994 that the