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Album Review: ‘Little Windows,’ Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones

Ever since 2008’s SheBANG, Kelly Jones has moved more and more away from pop music and toward a more folk, acoustic sound. Her EP Alta Loma was an acoustic-guitar oriented release, with just a few hooks but thought-provoking lyrics. With

Album Review: Alta Loma, Kelly Jones

When Kelly Jones’ SheBANG! hit the streets in 2008, it was as if the sub-three minute pop song had returned in joyous fashion. Collaborating with pop genius Mike Viola, Jones recorded 10 undeniably catchy songs, each one

DIY Pop Music with Kelly Jones

July 22 – Kelly Jones and Melanie Penn are in Atlanta tonight, in the homestretch of a summer-long tour that has gone surprisingly smooth, given that they are doing it all themselves. Until they got to Atlanta,