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18 Apr 2014

Brainwashing My Kids: Is it Failing?

A few weeks ago I wrote with tongue firmly planted in cheek bragging about my musical influence over my kids – getting them to listen to good pop music whether they liked it or not. So when I
18 Feb 2014

Forcing Music on My Kids: An Experiment

“So what’ll it be? Beatles? Queen? Billy Joel? Mike Viola?” I asked my kids as we began the two-hour drive to my parents’ house. “Eh, I don’t care,” my 11-year-old daughter replied, absorbed in her game of
2 Sep 2013

Are Songs an Invention or a Discovery?

Sir Paul McCartney has retold the story so many times now it’s legend: He woke up from a dream one morning in 1965 with a melody in his head, immediately went over to a piano to capture