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18 Apr 2014

Brainwashing My Kids: Is it Failing?

A few weeks ago I wrote with tongue firmly planted in cheek bragging about my musical influence over my kids Рgetting them to listen to good pop music whether they liked it or not. So when I
18 Feb 2014

Forcing Music on My Kids: An Experiment

“So what’ll it be? Beatles? Queen? Billy Joel? Mike Viola?” I asked my kids as we began the two-hour drive to my parents’ house. “Eh, I don’t care,” my 11-year-old daughter replied, absorbed in her game of
2 Sep 2013

Are Songs an Invention or a Discovery?

Sir Paul McCartney has retold the story so many times now it’s legend: He woke up from a dream one morning in 1965 with a melody in his head, immediately went over to a piano to capture