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20 May 2011

12 Songs for the Apocalypse

Sigh. The end of the world is coming tomorrow. Or at least, the Rapture is. Allegedly. I had put it on my calendar, had meant to clean out the fish tank, buy some new pants, make a
12 Jun 2008

Flashback: ‘When Doves Cry,’ 1984

Every year after school was out for the summer, my friends and I tested our manhood by becoming one with nature and braving the elements. Camping trips at age 16 are a perfect example of the confusion
21 Apr 2008

Desert Island Discs: Purple Rain – Prince

Year: 1984 Top chart position: #1 If Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, then Prince Rogers Nelson was definitely the Prince of Pop. And Rock. And Funk. Prince followed a similar path as his contemporary, releasing