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10 Apr 2015

What Happened to Prince?

Yes, it’s my third post in a row on Prince. I just read two biographies of him (a third is on interlibrary loan), and the hyperfocus part of my ADD is in overdrive. Bear with me. I
7 Apr 2015

Top 5 Prince Covers That Were Better Than the Original

Prince has been a very generous songwriter. He’s given away hundreds of songs to artists (mostly his protegé groups such as the Time, the Family, Sheila E. and Vanity 6). Others have decided to cover his songs, and
2 Apr 2015

Dream Factory: Prince’s Greatest Album

It’s a shame that Prince’s greatest album, Dream Factory, was never released. In the 1980s, Prince reached his commercial peak in 1984 with the smash album and movie Purple Rain. He followed that up quickly (and rather