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12 Nov 2016

10 Misheard Lyrics in Famous Songs

There’s a reason this blog is called Hooks and Harmony and not Hooks and Lyrics; my brain is full of misheard lyrics from even my favorite bands. I’ve never paid much attention to lyrics, preferring to focus
20 Jun 2015

A Second Listen: ‘Up,’ R.E.M.

I remember hearing “Airportman,” the first track from the 1998 R.E.M. album Up, and thinking, That’s it, they’ve lost it. Drummer Bill Berry had just quit the band, and they had steadfastly refused to replace him, opting
30 May 2015

A Second Listen: R.E.M., ‘New Adventures in Hi-Fi’

In 1994, fresh off their mega-million selling Automatic for the People, R.E.M. decided to go hard. Very hard. Their follow-up, Monster, was brash and noisy, with tremolo guitar effects threatening to kill what little harmony Michael Stipe could generate from