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20 May 2009

‘Hairshirt’, R.E.M.

One day, around the age of 11, I was playing around on the piano and found a chord progression that was simply mesmerizing. I played it over and over, convinced that I had found some magic formula.
1 Jan 2009

The Best Albums of 2008

Well, Hooks and Harmony has made it to the end of 2008. I started with a  bang  – I couldn’t stop writing. But it was like running a sprint at the beginning of a marathon, and I
11 Aug 2008

Top 5 Most Influential Artists of the 1980s

The 80s were fun. Neon, headbands, Weird Al…Yet there were a few artists that continue to leave their mark on popular music today. Here are the top 5 most influential artists of the 1980s: U2 – At