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Album Review: ‘Colour Radio,’ The Nines

Waiting for a release by Steve Eggers and the Nines is like waiting for Christmas – you wonder what goodies are going to be waiting for you when you open the presents. For this Canadian group, it’s

Album Review: ‘The Nines,’ The Nines

In the movie Amadeus, Mozart astounds guests at a masquerade ball by playing a song that he had heard only once in the style of various composers – Bach, Haydn, Salieri – while being held upside down.

An Interview with Steve Eggers of The Nines

Steve Eggers and his band, The Nines, have emerged from six-year hiatus with their first studio album since 2007’s Gran Jukle’s Field.┬áThe self-titled album is what we’ve come to love and expect from Eggers: Insanely catchy hooks,