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7 Oct 2013

An Interview with Steve Eggers of The Nines

Steve Eggers and his band, The Nines, have emerged from six-year hiatus with their first studio album since 2007’s Gran Jukle’s Field. The self-titled album is what we’ve come to love and expect from Eggers: Insanely catchy hooks,
4 Aug 2008

Desert Island Discs: Calling Distance Stations, The Nines

Every so often, in a state of anxiety, I’ll wonder if, like oil, melodies are a finite resource and that we’ll soon run out of them. And judging from the lawsuits arising from hip-hop’s unauthorized uses of
23 May 2008

10 Perfect Pop Songs

I’ve analyzed my iTunes catalog, crossed off and re-added songs and hemmed and hawed for days before coming up with a list of 10 perfect pop songs. These perfect pop songs are destined to make your foot