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20 Jul 2018

100 Songs That Didn’t Make the Top 40 – Part 2

We continue our examination of good songs that didn’t make the top 40 with another Grammy winner, an iconic song of the 90s, and several songs that have gone on to become famous: “You Suck,” The Murmurs
20 Dec 2017

Album Review: ‘Songs of Experience,’ U2

U2’s 14th studio album, Songs of Experience, finds the 50-something rockers searching for a voice, an identity, and relevance in a world of hip-hop and bubblegum pop. This hasn’t been a problem for them in the past; they’ve successfully reinvented
9 Mar 2017

The Joshua Tree: 30 Years Later

March 1987. I was on a choir tour during spring break, and I knew U2’s The Joshua Tree would be released while I was on tour. But I had to have it – the day it was released –