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19 Apr 2012

The Revised ‘Rattle and Hum’

So how do you top a multi-million selling, critically acclaimed album such as The Joshua Tree? You make a movie, of course. I should have seen it coming – U2 as movie stars, having the ego big
31 Mar 2012

‘The Joshua Tree’ as a Double Album

One little-known fact about U2’s groundbreaking album, The Joshua Tree,  is that if Bono had had his way, it would have been a double album. The Edge told Hot Press magazine that there was enough material for a
10 Mar 2012

The Revised ‘Joshua Tree’

At the risk of venturing into hyperbole, I could argue that The Joshua Tree changed my life. I was 18, at that dangerous intersection of life where teen angst meets free thinking and introspection. Everything had to have meaning