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11 Feb 2012

The Revised ‘Unforgettable Fire’

I still remember the first time I heard U2. It was late 1984, and I was in the living room playing Nerf basketball and listening to the radio from my parents’ coffin-sized wood-paneled stereo. The DJ announced
5 Feb 2012

Playing God: Recreating U2 in Their Prime

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with U2 over the past 27 years. I first discovered them in 1985 when their album The Unforgettable Fire first hit America, and immediately latched onto the emotional, overtly political lyrics, the
6 Mar 2010

It’s the Vatican Top 10 Albums!

(Hat tip: Susie B.) Recently the Vatican’s official newspaper, Lā€™ Osservatore Romano, published its list of the Vatican Top 10 albums. We’re not really sure what the context here is, although the translated article does mention something