The Revised ‘Zooropa’

Zooropa revisedI’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

I thought combining my least favorite U2 albums into one would help me enjoy it – kind of like a U.S. Olympic Basketball Team of U2 albums – but I have to admit that finding even 10 songs from Zooropa and Pop was difficult. In fact, there’s only one song that I really like on either of these two albums (“Zooropa”). The rest is just filler, and I’ve had to resort to grabbing a cut from the “Batman Forever” soundtrack to get the list to 10 songs.

I won’t even try to assign meaning or interpretation to the choices. I just know that listening to them didn’t make me hurl. They are, in essence, the least objectionable songs on Zooropa and Pop. Listen if you want. I’m gonna go listen to a Nickelback album and jab my eardrums with icepicks.

  1. Zooropa (Zooropa)
  2. Numb (Zooropa)
  3. Lemon (Zooropa)
  4. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Zooropa)
  5. The First Time (Zooropa)
  6. Discothèque (Pop)
  7. Staring at the Sun (Pop)
  8. Gone (Pop)
  9. Please (Pop)
  10. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Batman Forever OST)

Listen on Spotify (except for “Discotheque,” which is not included on Spotify’s playlist. They probably hate it, too.)

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