There is Hope: The Nines

The NinesI’ve been at this blog for a few weeks now. The other day, my friend Paula asked, “So why haven’t you mentioned the Nines yet?” I think she was asking tongue-in-cheek, knowing how much I’ve flipped over this band.

You see, I was waiting to have a massive audience so that thousands would hear my message and flock to the band’s website to listen, be enthralled and immediately buy their CDs, vaulting them into superstardom and beginning a new wave of melodic pop-rock.

But I can’t wait for a giant audience. For those dozens who have found my site so far, I give you a precious gift: a band from Toronto, Ontario (that’s Canada!) called the Nines. They play a brand of pop that automatically calls to mind Paul McCartney and Wings, Ben Folds Five and the Raspberries. Lead singer and main songwriter Steve Eggers crafts songs full of hooks – he must have a book of them and pulls them out when needed. Most songs are guitar-driven but usually have a piano base. His ballads are simply sublime.

The Nines have been together for 10 years, releasing four albums and a few EPs. Their latest, called Gran Jukle’s Field, finds the group branching out a bit, pulling even more from the 70s and channeling ELO, Queen and even the Bee Gees at one point. I still favor their previous release, Calling Distance Stations, which has two gorgeous songs – “Mary Jane” and “Goodnight My Love.”

Please check this band out. If you don’t like the two above songs, well, you don’t need to be reading this blog, cuz there’s no hope for you. The Nines are what gives me hope that people still care about the art of writing a song, who work hard to write melodies and harmonies that make your hair stand on end.

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