Weird Video – ‘True Faith,’ New Order

True Faith videoOkay, so in trying to “get” Joy Division a few weeks ago I revisited some of New Order’s music, which reminded me of the video for their 1988 hit “True Faith.” And I forgot how truly bizarre the video for that song is.

Wikipedia describes it as “surreal,” but that’s being kind. The opening shows a man with sea-green skin and a pointed trash bag on his head, wearing what looks like a barrel, and a normal-looking man (also wearing barrel-like apparel), and they’re slapping each other – in sync with the drums, no less! Later, someone in a blue inflatable suit runs backward in slow motion; the scene soon expands to three people in different colored inflatable suits, also running backward.

I’m not doing it justice. Suffice it to say that the rest of the video features a copper-colored girl with no legs (wearing headphones and a barrel) signing the lyrics, weird people bouncing on trampolines, and oh yeah – every once in a while, the band.

See for yourself. The song is great, but I still have nightmares about this video. Yeesh.

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Peter Lee

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